Celebrate #RocketJumpingDay With Tinertia Today

A well-timed rocket jump delivers explosive power and graceful flight. Ignite the rocket-powered love worldwide today by celebrating Official Rocket Jumping Day! Indie studio Candescent Games, Inc. and design partner Section Studios invite gamers, streamers, and fans everywhere to celebrate Official Rocket Jumping Day today, May 28, with the dynamic action-platformer Tinertia, built on the premise of Quake-like fun, Sonic-like speed, and precision controls…all without a jump button!

Celebrate #RocketJumpingDay With Tinertia Today

“To see how a gameplay mechanic like rocket jumping has evolved throughout gaming history since the launch of Quake is really cool,” states John Romero, renowned game designer and co-creator of Doom and Quake. “Since its introduction as a means of explosively quick propulsion in the original Quake, so many games have uniquely utilized rocket jumping, the latest being the really fun Tinertia.”

Gamers and rocket-jumping enthusiasts are invited to celebrate in an all-day livestreaming extravaganza where @ReverbGames and notable Twitch livestreamers will demonstrate the exhilarating joy of rocket-jumping in Tinertia. Blasting off the Twitch livestream schedule for Official Rocket Jumping Day are:

​A crazy, fun loving couple who love video games, beer, making people laugh, and more!
Four best friends, including former IGN personalities Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty — and a wiener dog — are bringing you the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Let’s Plays, and more each and every day. Be sure to check out their exclusive Let’s Play of Tinertia on PlayStation 4.
Owner and writer for StrengthGamer.com, certified personal trainer, and broadcaster extraordinaire — Get ready to have your mind blown.
Part-time broadcaster since 2010 and full-time student at CSU, Chingy’s most enjoyable activity is talking with people like you while playing games.
At the epicenter of all the explosive entertainment will be ReverbGames’ King Foom who will be livestreaming throughout the day with Tinertia dev team members, as well as giving special shout-outs to other livestreamers taking part in the festivities.

Early Access VIPs are encouraged to play Tinertia to join the Twitter parade as streamers play Tinertia, Quake, and more by using the hashtag #RocketJumpingDay, #NoJumpButton, and #Tinertia. New gamers are welcome to join Candescent’s Early Access VIP team to play and provide feedback on development and gain access to early levels before everyone else.

In Tinertia, gamers play as Weldon, the inauspicious robot who is equipped with a powerful rocket launcher that enables players to propel themselves through a kaleidoscopic series of challenging industrial environments. Weldon is stranded on a planet controlled by the evil ARC that has identified him as a threat and is now prepared to destroy him at any cost. Geared for the streaming generation with easy to pick-up but tough-to-master mechanics, Tinertia challenges gamers to master rocket-jumping. Players will control the momentum, rhythm, and speed of Weldon to launch him over deadly obstacles, outrun robo-bosses, and ultimately escape off the planet.

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