VGM CON 2018 Announces Performers and Special Guests

Minneapolis, Minnesota – January 17, 2018 – The Video Games and Music Convention (VGM CON) is pleased to announce its lineup of special guests and musical performers for its 2018 event. Composers Jason Graves (Dead SpaceTomb RaiderFar Cry Primal) and Rich “Disasterpeace” Vreeland (FezIt FollowsHyper Light Drifter) will be joined by bands Super Guitar Bros., Do a Barrel Roll!, Nerd Enhanced Sound, Arc Impulse, Super Marcato Bros. and more to celebrate the artistry of videogames, including their music, visuals, and narratives. Formerly known as Gamer’s Rhapsody, which now acts as the organizer of this new event, VGM CON features musical performances, industry and fan-run panels, an indie game showcase, interactive videogame and music experiences, and much more. The 2018 event is set to take place March 2 through March 4 at the Sheraton Minneapolis West hotel. read more

gamigo Takes Over North America License for Free-to-Play First-Person Shooter ZULA

License of successful online shooter for USA and Canada

gamigo is kicking off pre-registration phase

Hamburg, January 11, 2018 – The gamigo group – one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America – officially announces the takeover of MadByte´s license for the free-to-play first-person shooter ZULA for North America. The title is already very successful on the European market. It will be part of gamigo’s comprehensive portfolio and is about to start into the open beta testing phase in the USA and Canada. read more

WARFACE Latest Update Brings Players to Chernobyl

Exciting Special Operation mission in the city of Pripyat, new Gameplay Mechanics and Deadly New Enemies

Global publisher is pleased to announce that its exciting update, titled Chernobyl, has launched on PC and includes a unique narrative driven Special Operation. In this type of operation for Warface, players choose their favorite military class and join forces with friends to take down the AI controlled enemy forces. The brand-new Special Operation called Pripyat takes the players to the iconic town in the Chernobyl exclusion zone devastated by the nuclear disaster. Crytek’s developers have carefully studied the most atmospheric abandoned city in the world by traveling there and meticulously recreating 6 square kilometers of streets and its landmarks. read more

Move or Die Announces Holiday Green and Gold Update Launching Dec. 21

A Sleighful of Awesome New Characters, Game Modes, and the Debut of the “Not-A-Store” Item System – No Stinking Loot Boxes Here!

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – The furious minds of Those Awesome Guys announced that their holiday content update for Move or Die – the ‘Green & Gold Update’ – will be available on December 21. Featuring a plethora of wonderful, friendship-destroying, holiday cheer, the ‘Green & Gold Update’ introduces the brand new “Not-A-Store” Item System that completely reinvents how new characters, game modes, Mutators, and other new features are unlocked. And as expected with major updates, the ‘Green & Gold Update’ contains a huge collection of new insane characters, game modes, Mutators, as well as new ways to customize your character, never before seen in Move or Die. read more

Oh My Godheads Review for PC

Capture the flag may be one of the oldest, most basic premises for a game ever, but it is a classic that can be easily reinvigorated with a fresh design and a few modifications. Oh My Godheads by developer Titutitech and publisher Square Enix Collective is a multiplayer combat game that is loosely based off of capture the flag, and it succeeds in keeping it engaging and fun by changing up the rules and impressing with its colorful, sharp style. With a few tweaks in gameplay, it has a bright future ahead. read more

H1Z1 Invitational Returns to TwitchCon this Weekend

Daybreak Games’ H1Z1 Invitational is back! The most watched event at TwitchCon since its debut in 2015 has returned bigger than ever with an overall prize pool of $500,000 and three action-packed tournaments. In anticipation of one of competitive gaming’s biggest showdowns, Daybreak has updated H1Z1’s look, simplifying both the in-game menus and the name. Moving forward, the game will be simply referred to as H1Z1. You can read more about the inspiration for this change in the H1Z1 community article: read more