Spoiler Alert Review for iPAD

This is the review for the iPAD version of backwards platformer Spoiler Alert by developer MEGAFUZZ and tinyBuild.

Spoiler Alert is a one-touch platformer that starts at the end and drags you right back to the beginning. The game is perfect touch-screen fodder, with hilarious gameplay and hand-drawn visuals that match the outlandish premise. Throw in 100 levels set across four unique worlds, epic boss battles, oodles of ridiculous upgrades, an original soundtrack from Roland La Goy, plus a SpeedRun mode for challenging your friends, and you’ll be unjumping and undodging with rampant enthusiasm. read more

A-Maze-In Review for iPAD

This is the review for the iPAD version A-Maze-In by MAROBI Entertainment Inc., a small startup based in Montreal Quebec.

A-Maze-In features 5 unique islands with more than 110 unique mazes—and a monster stable that rivals the best in Greek mythology: Cyclops, Hydras, Harpies, and Centaurs. The game’s five massive boss fights feature such foes as the terrifying Medusa and Cerberus the Hellhound. Even the world-famous Kraken gets released! read more

iO Review for PC

This is the review for the Windows PC version of the clever physics platformer iO by Dutch developer Gamious (Briquid Mini).

iO is about size, speed and momentum. You control a ball that can grow and shrink. Use these mechanics to solve physics puzzles (inverted gravity, portals, tricycles and more) in 150 challenging levels and reach the exit as fast as possible. read more

BlazeRush Review for PC

This is the review for the PC version of the fast-paced top-down racing combat title, BlazeRush, by developer Targem Games.

BlazeRush Features:

  • Multiplayer focused: Up to 4 players locally and up to 8 players online
  • Co-op
  • Easy ‘drop in and drop out’ player mode
  • Take on local players online
  • Game modes include Race, Survival and King of the Hill
  • Race: Race against bots or with friends over 3 laps; the first driver to cross the finish line unscathed wins
  • Survival: Death defying racing against opponents out to eliminate you from the race by any means necessary; the driver who has died the least number of timeswins
  • King of the Hill: Race to get ahead of opponents and lead from the front; the player who has held the lead for the most amount of time wins.

The graphics of BlazeRush contain pleasing colors as far as the vehicles. However, we found the textures a bit lacking, especially in areas surrounding the track areas. You won’t have much time to notice it though as you’ll be speeding through the tracks. For this reason, we gave the graphics a 4/ 5. read more

The House on Usher Android Review

This is the review for the Android version of The House on Usher by developer Red Aphid.

In The House of Usher, the player takes on the role of bright-eyed Agent Angie Dee who must “flip” a mysterious ramshackle house during her first day on the job at Homer Echers Real Estate. As Angie, players explore the property, tidy it up, and put themselves on the path to riches . . . as long as they prevent the house’s murderous instincts from prematurely ending their career. Set in the 1970s, the game’s offbeat humor is augmented by many “groovy” pop culture references related to the decade. read more