THE STATION Preview for PC

The Station is a mystery/exploration game. The premise is a station that has been sent to spy on an alien civilization has suddenly lost power and stealth capabilities. Your character is being sent to the station to find out what went wrong and, if possible, to rescue the crew and/or repair the station, preferably before the alien civilization notices the existence of the station. read more

Golem Gates Preview for PC

Dark and dramatic, Golem Gates is a mix of battle royale and playing cards, a breathtaking whirlwind of attack and defense that combines forward-thinking strategy with nonstop action. In each fight, your main objective is to protect your harbinger, or army general, while destroying the enemy harbinger or Golem Gate; you also possess cards that allow you to deploy troops, build fortresses, and use special attacks such as fireballs. The diverse array of cards at your disposal keeps the battles interesting, and the stellar graphic design immerses you in the intensely violent but also magical world of Golem. And as I will explain in this preview, the immense scale of this game really pushes the entertainment factor to the next level. read more

Space Invaders Extreme Review for PC

Space Invaders Extreme, developed by Taito and published together with Degica, is an addicting, fast-paced, modern version of Space Invaders. Enjoy the original Space Invaders gameplay, with the addition of extra minigames, interesting power-ups, eye-catching visuals, and an amazing soundtrack. read more

The Forbidden Arts Preview for PC

All I see is red. My hands quiver over the keys and threaten to punch the lights out of my keyboard. There is a pounding in my ears and my heart, and a string of uncivilized words threaten to slip from my tongue. For the first time, I am experiencing it for real: game rage. That uncontrollable urge to swipe the laptop of the desk and break everything in sight. With that said, although it was the primary instigator of my temper tantrum, The Forbidden Arts by developer Stingbot Games is by no means a terrible game. It has perfectly decent graphic design and premise, with mystical creatures like elves, grifffins, and sorceresses. You play as the main character Phoenix, who journeys through an enchanted forest while battling peril and learning the seven forms of magic along the way. In addition, the mysterious villain Voltaire threatens the world with his powers of Necromancy. However, several factors prevented me from fully enjoying the game as much as I would like. read more

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes Review for PlayStation 4

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes, developed by Capybara Games, is a retro-style fighting game that gamers of all ages can have fun playing. Fast, fluid combat combines with a humorous plot and memorable characters to create a gaming experience that holds appeal to gamers of many ages. Fans of Cartoon Network’s television show OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes will not be disappointed either, as the video game hews close to its source material. OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes is fun and lighthearted and, despite having some room for improvement, is definitely worth picking up. read more

My Time At Portia Preview for PC

My Time At Portia has one of those titles that review writers practically salivate over, as the closing remarks practically write themselves with a title like that.  Games like Just Cause and Shoot Many Robots are such fertile, obvious ground for puns that often it’s easy to pick out the exact moment the writer chuckled in agreement with their own work. “I enjoyed My Time At Portia” or “I would’ve enjoyed My Time At Portia if we got a better deal on our vacation package”, he wrote with a smug grin. read more


Aegis Defenders is a beautiful Metroidvania (the style of Metroid and Castlevania that has become a known term in the gaming community) 2D RPG-esque platformer with tower defense aspects. GUTS Department will be releasing this fantasy action platformer today, February 8th, 2018. It will be available for PC/MAC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. “GUTS Department is an independent games developer which aims to reignite the magic and imagination of classic 16-bit era titles by combining the best of old-school flair with new school gameplay. The studio Kickstarted Aegis Defenders in 2014 and has been working on it ever since” published their PR. From reading comments on their Steam page, I can gather that this is a long anticipated game. read more

SKYLIGHT Review for PC

Ten years ago when I was a child, digital gaming was still in the early stages: Rock Band and Wii Sports Resort were the coolest new games, and everyone was obsessed with Tamagotchis and Webkinz pets. But we also played actual board games: chess, Battleship, Connect 4, you name it. We had to use our imagination when “killing” the white chess queen or blowing up battleships, since the pieces themselves were lifeless and motionless. As a huge Harry Potter fan, I remember really wanting to play wizard’s chess, which had enchanted pieces that moved and fought on their own. Flashing forward to the present, I think new technological breakthroughs such as VR are finally giving us the fully-immersive game experience we want, and Skylight by developer E McNeill for PC takes full advantage of that opportunity. In the game, you get to build your own fleet of space battle ships and pit it against different sets of enemy fleets; in battle, you can choose which vessels target which enemy and use the special abilities of each ship to blast your way to victory. read more

PAST CURE Preview for PC

Say what you want about Call of Duty and its many iterations, but the franchise’s success is unparalleled in its genre. After all, there’s something in human nature that finds it somewhat comforting to be able to purchase a reliable, mindlessly entertaining shooter every year. But sometimes people do crave something a little less formulaic, something of the more stylish and cerebral variety, something in the mold of say, a Max Payne or a Splinter Cell. Fortunately, Past Cure bucks the trend in a similar fashion. Developed by the small, Germany-based Phantom 8 studio, Past Cure is a gritty and intense cinematic experience that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality and offers an intriguing mystery plotline that will keep players guessing till the end. It also blends both traditional stealth and combat gameplay elements with a supernatural twist. read more