Catch The Shapeshifter Art Game Now Available in App Store

Catch The Shapeshifter Art Game Now Available in App Store

OAKLAND, Calif. — Atelier Lyrebird, LLC, a new indie game developer, has announced the worldwide release of Catch The Shapeshifter, an action puzzle game inspired by modern art.

Fine Art Game Category

“This project presents the concept of animated paintings and offers gamers an entirely new visual approach,” said Chris Sidhall, Founder of Atelier Lyrebird, LLC. “This as an innovative fine art category in gaming that explores new boundaries between entertainment and artistic expression.”

Hypnotic Gaming

The object of the game is simple: catch the shapes that change. The game introduces a new fade mechanic that allows shapes to change while invisible. The morphing graphics give the game a unique kaleidoscopic and hypnotic quality, which further adds to the challenge.

Catch The Shapeshifter Art Game Now Available in App Store

Multifaceted Entertainment

The game includes 50 distinct levels with 2 difficulty modes and 3 types of gameplay: timed, scrolled and maze navigation. In the timed levels, a strategy needs to be developed to find and catch all the shapeshifters within the allocated 90 seconds. The scrolled levels require that a target count is fulfilled before the end marker is reached. The maze navigation offers a more meditative experience with path selection, secret passages, traps, keys, and maps.

Enhanced Custom Game Engine

The Android version of Catch The Shapeshifter was accepted into The Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect USA, 2016. The iOS version is further enhanced with high-resolution textures and new animated backgrounds such as moving paintbrushes or rotating abstract figures. The 3D rendering engine was reworked to support range fog. The dynamic adaptive difficulty was refined to add more challenge to a wider audience. The audio system was completely rebuilt and features stereoscopic sound effects.

Watch the official Catch the Shapeshifter Video:

Catch The Shapeshifter, which is ad free and without in-app purchases, is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad for $2.99.