Castle Builder II: The First Real Slot Machine/Social Game Hybrid?

Castle Builder II: The First Real Slot Machine/Social Game Hybrid?

If you are looking for casual gaming in its purest form, you need to try the top online casino games at the Euro Palace Casino. All its games are quick, simple, with no need for dedication, not even as much as other games like Cut the Rope or Candy Crush have. All Euro Palace games (with a handful of exceptions, of course) can be played for exactly as long as you want to, from a few seconds to a few hours. And don’t let the name fool you: even though the Euro Palace offers its users real money games, all of them can also be played completely free. Yet things are going to change at the Euro Palace soon, with the release of its highly anticipated hybrid game, Castle Builder II.

Casual meets social

All social games have one thing in common: players need to collect experience points to progress. This is one feature no real money game had in the past – although achievements were available to be unlocked in a handful of them, they had no real impact on their gameplay. With Castle Builder II, this changes: players will need to unlock achievements and advance in their “career” as builders and their advancement will truly have an influence on the game.

Initially, they will have two builder profiles to choose from: Sam, an experienced builder able to complete projects faster and more efficiently, and Mandy, a newcomer from up North (judging by her hammer that resembles that wielded by Thor) who is not that fast at building but her shortcomings are compensated by her enthusiasm (and the occasional Free Spins she adds to the mix). Later in the game, players will be able to unlock a third builder, whose benefits and features are yet unknown – but he looks very mysterious, a lot like a character from a heroic fantasy game.

As players progress through the game, they will unlock new kingdoms (there are 15 in total) to build more castles (a total of 75) and meet more characters (over 300). The goal is, of course, to build as many castles as possible, and pocket as many coins as you can in the process.

How to play

Initially, players will need to select their preferred builder (see above). Once that’s out of the way, they will be taken to the map to choose a kingdom to start building castles. The choices will be limited at first but more – increasingly complex – projects will be unlocked later. Building the castle itself will be done via a slot machine: players will need to spin the reels to collect materials that will be added to the castle. Once a rack of six units is filled, it will be used to complete a phase of the construction. Once all the phases are done, the kingdom’s princess (or prince) will move in, and his (or her) suitors will arrive. Players will need to choose one of the multiple options they are offered, and pocket the prize money the suitor offers them for completing the project. When all this is done, players will move on to the next project.


Castle Builder II will be released globally in the second quarter of 2017 – this means anywhere between April and June.