Casting Voice Revealed for PS3 by Namco Bandai

Last week, Namco Badai released a ‘CV’ countdown teaser website, and today, they revealed what it’s for.

Casting Voice

Casting Voice is the new PS3 title, which lets players manage over 40 industry voice actors. Casting Voice includes readings from actual Namco Bandai scripts.

Casting Voice is being co-developed by Namco Bandai and Crafts & Meister (developers of Gundam Breaker) as reported by Famitsu.

Game characters include former idol actor Kumiko Tojou, Saya Uchiyama, a 20-year-old aspiring to be an anime voice actor, Kiyohiko Hino, a voice atcor focusing on cute, male characters, and Takashi Dojo, an older voice actor.

Casting Voice will launch in 2014 for PS3.

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