Casino Gaming Market to Expand By 2014 and Beyond



Revenue could hit $42 billion, says gaming companies.

Although the global gaming industry is still dominated by the larger gaming consoles, the handheld market is expected to expand next year as the simpler casino games are slowly becoming a blueprint for game developers.

According to a report by gaming news site Kotaku, 2013 was a good year for Facebook games, and the plethora of gaming options made it easy for several gaming developers to expand their market. Ideally, people join casinos for the diverse amount of games a casino can offer. Compared to brick and mortar casinos, virtual casino sites are way ahead in this category.

Similarly, Facebook, like other social networking sites, isn’t exactly marketed for hardcore gamers since most of the available games are limited to simpler genres such as puzzle and casino games. What they lack in intricate gameplay, however, they compensate with diversity of games. And the success in this diverse set of games meant good news for casino industries.

As they continue to tap into gaming handhelds such as the 3DS and PS Vita, casino game developers encourage gamers to fully utilize gaming innovations and socialize with other gamers. The simple nature of these games prompted tech companies to prioritize online and mobile gaming where interactivity is a common feature.

“With social casino continuing its meteoric rise in popularity and land-based casinos, major game studios and innovative mobile start-ups all looking for a piece of the pie, 2014 will be a critical year for the social gaming industry,” said Bullet Business. Dragonfish Total Gaming Services, the independent B2B arm of 888 Holdings and developer of games on, has even taken to developing games “on new platforms such as mobile phones, hotel-room TV and in-flight entertainment” so not only can we expect to see more casino games on mobiles, they might even be offered as parts of vacation packages in the future.

If the trend continues, gamers can expect more mobile games for handheld and an influx of casino-themed games.