Cards and Castles New Expansion Releasing Jan. 21


Cards and Castles New Expansion Releasing Jan. 21

Developer Bit Mass, LLC has announced that an expansion is coming January 21st for its free-to-play game, Cards and Castles.

The 50 new cards will introduce dragons, drakes and exciting new game mechanics. The available pre-order bundle already gives us a sneak peek into the dragon’s roost with an exclusive castle.

Cards and Castles is bigger than ever after a hit launch on Steam. Players are hyped about fast match-making, improved mechanics and the new to be released expansion: Age of Dragons!

There are three primary ways to collect an Age of Dragons card:

  1. With card points! Age of Dragons cards will drop in normal boosters that are purchased after the release date, including the standard Card Points booster! Most booster packs have a chance to drop any card in the game, and will therefore have a chance to drop Age of Dragons cards too!
  2. Crafting with shards! All Age of Dragons cards will be available for crafting immediately after release! Age of Dragons cards will NOT have a separate craft price, they will craft for the same amount as all other cards.
  3. Silver Points! Age of Dragons packs can be purchased for the same silver price as normal booster packs. The Age of Dragons boosters will contain ONLY Age of Dragons cards, making this a very efficient way to get the new cards.

Several cards and a few mechanics will be changed alongside the Age of Dragons release, the following patch notes detail all of the changes:


  • CHANGED CARDS: Cards that were changed with a patch can now be traded in for full shards for 7 days immediately following the change
  • GOLD: It is no longer possible to ever exceed 10 gold. If a spell would cause you to immediately exceed this limit (e.g. Merchant’s Favor at 9g+), you draw a card instead.
  • LIGHTNING: Chain lightning is no longer considered part of the unit’s attack; instead, lightning is now a triggered spell that deals normal damage after the attack (similar to School of Pyromancy). The main benefit of this is that the damage display for lightning will be separated from the attack value, making it more clear what is happening. Many combo interactions with lightning effects will no longer work, while new combos will now be possible.


  • MOMENTUM: Changed completely. 1g, give a unit with 4 movement or more +2 attack and +2 health
  • SMUGGLING RING: 0g, gain 1 gold plus 1 gold for each enemy unit. This card can be traded for its full shard value for a limited time after this release.
  • THE RAT KING: Stats reduced to 2/3, but he now creates rats any time he deals damage (including retaliation)
  • ALPHA STRIKE: Instead of returning to your hand indefinitely, it now only returns to your hand once. Cost reduced to 2.
  • KUNAI: Now 2 gold for 2 damage, regain the card ONCE if it kills an enemy
  • SHIELD OF THE PROTECTOR: Effect reduced to +3 health
  • WILL OF THE MARTYR: Due to stronger interactions with new age of dragons cards, the buff effect reduced from +2/+2 to +1/+1
  • SCOUT: HP reduced to 4
  • EARTH KNIGHT: HP increased to 9
  • SHIELD KNIGHT: Changed to a 3/6 with 2 movement, so that new players have more variety in unit move speed

In order to curb the ability of players to quickly cycle through their deck, the number of very cheap cards with “draw a card” attached has been reduced. The following changes were made:

  • PILLAR OF ANNOYANCE: Now 0g, no longer draws a card
  • DIRTY FIGHTING: Now reduces enemy attack by 2, no longer draws a card
  • DARK BOLT: Cost and damage increased to 2
  • CHAOTIC STORM: Cost increased to 2
  • CLOAK OF FLAMES: Effect increased to 3, removed “draw a card”
  • STEALTH: Cost increased to 3
  • STANCE OF THE PONDERING TURTLE: Now costs 1 gold, gives +3 hp and -1 attack, no longer draws a card
  • STANCE OF THE SWIFT MANTIS: Now costs 1 gold, gives +3 movement but -1 attack, no longer draws a card
  • STANCE OF THE FIERCE TIGER: Now costs 1 gold, gives +2 attack but -1 movement, no longer draws a card.

Bit Mass keeps their game interesting for both new and existing players by releasing expansions on a regular basis. After their last expansion Warlock Academy, they took a look into the Warlocks faction and their training. This time they plunged into the Cards and Castles Mythology to see some ancient creatures come alive. Where did they come from? Why were they unleashed? By whom? And what changes will it bring to the game? Read all about it on the official website.

You can download Cards and Castles on:

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