Card City Nights Soundtrack DLC Now Available on Steam

Developer Ludosity ‘s adventure title  Card City Nights Soundtrack DLC is now available on Steam.

Card City Nights Soundtrack DLC Now Available


Card City Nights Soundtrack is composed by Mattias Hakulinen and Pontus Askbrink and features the following:

  • All tunes comes in uncompressed wave format
  • Also Includes CD cover art

CD 1 contains the jazzy tunes from the games’ different locations
1. New Home
2. Nights
3. Game Club
4. The Cave
5. The Mall
6. Hunk Bump Bar
7. Ghastly House
8. Science Lab
9. Turnip Corp
10. Card Stadium
11. Big Chest Casino
12. Itan’s Office
13. Card Shop
14. Fanfare

CD 2 contains the hiphop remixes of each tune that plays during battle
1. Eh, Women!
2. Things
3. Camel Bug
4. Eve Chat
5. (Shake) Them All
6. Bunk Ham Burp
7. Hoagy Hustles
8. Cab License
9. Corrupt Pin
10. Acid Mustard
11. Chaotic Bigness
12. Safe Fiction
13. Cash Drop
14. Showdown
15. Credits

You can now download the Card City Nights Soundtrack DLC for $1.99 on Steam.

Source: Steam