Canvaleon Release Date Announced for Wii U

Developer OXiAB Game Studio out of Barcelona, Spain has confirmed the Wii U release date for Canvaleon.

Canvaleon is a stealth platformer game in which the player will have to resort in using the environment and his or her skills to slip past enemies and threats. To do so, the player shall use Camouflages (or “Camo” for short) in order to mimic elements of scenery; the more similar the colors are, the more “Camo Percentage” will be granted. Depending on this percentage, enemies will see the player or not.

There are two ways to obtain camouflages: buying them from a store or painting them using a paint tool. Both ways are fueled by the game’s collectible: the color butterflies.

Canvaleon Release Date Announced for Wii U

The Story of Canvaleon:

Canvas is the only white chameleon in a very particular chameleon village. Since he lacks the ability to change color by himself, he has been made fun of since birth. Also, his natural color stands out heavily compared with the environment, but he has managed to survive until now, thanks to the help of his only friend Doodle. Doodle (or “Dood” to his friends), being an artist himself, came up with the idea of using Canvas’ white body as a literal canvas for his paintings, making up Canvas’ lack of natural camouflage to some extent. But, to do so, Dood needs a lot of color butterflies, from with he extracts the pigments needed to create the camouflage for Canvas . So our adventure begins, with Canvas and Dood seeking the color butterflies in some ancient ruins near the village. But the peaceful lives of the chameleons will change soon…

Here is the latest Canvaleon gameplay video:

Canvaleon will release June 18th on the Wii U eShop.

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