Call of Duty: Ghosts Latest Update Details

Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward  have released the latest title update for Call of Duty: Ghosts. 

Call of Duty: Ghost Latest Update Details

Take a look at the full update notes below:

Title Update: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Killstreak Balance.

    • Vulture now lives for 90 seconds (in line with sentry gun).
    • Juggernaut buffs.
      • Assault movement spead increased 15%
      • Support movement speed increased 5%
      • Assault/Support Juggernaut now have focus perk
    • Loki buffs.
      • Large rod can now be fired every 4 seconds instead of 7
      • Rod fires at 1.5 seconds instead of 2 seconds after trigger pull
      • Small rods now fire at 0.3 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds after trigger pull


    • Added ability to name teams when using broadcaster mode.
      • Added team name to playercard when in spectator mode.
    • When eSports rules are enabled for SND on Strikezone, the non-destroyed version of the map is now always used.
    • Removed d-pad helper icon when in first/third person spectator mode.


    • Overall anti-cheat improvements.

Additional Fixes

    • Fix for SND round not ending when an entire team has been killed.
    • Fixed issue where player could trigger a 10 second cap instead of 5 after stepping off and on a neutral flag.
    • Fixed issue that allowed players to see enemy positions in the options menu minimap during the killcam.
    • Improved patch unlock requirements UI:
      • Added patch, quip, and unlock requirements.
    • Fixed persistent “NEW” icon that would occur with extra loadouts.
    • Updated safeguard to send out a standard notification of a kill.
    • Fixed rare end of match crash.
    • Hunted Victor Operation fix: works better with gun game, previous fix only allowed top player to get credit, now we allow top 3 (consistent with FFA).
    • Hijacker Operation fix: operation would get stuck at tier 2, it now rolls properly back to 0/10 tier 2 for players.
    • Fixed an issue where bots in reinforce would not leave a flag after capturing.

New Features

    • Added reset stats option for max prestige players.
    • Added new menu music for Extinction and MP.
    • Updated the hitmarker color to orange when it’s the killing hit.
    • Added leaderboards for Drop Zone and Reinforce.
    • Enemy Oracle pings now show an orange Oracle symbol on the player hud, indicating they are outlined.


    • Tooth bonus pool now offers one bonus tooth per day.
    • Engineers can now fire their pistol while repairing the drill.
    • Engineers no longer take damage from traps.
    • Balancing updates for the Death Machine.
    • Feral Vision no longer displays the colored overlay.
    • Deployed launcher ammo refills now receive more ammo.
    • Players running the Pistols Only relic are now excluded from the “Purchase a new weapon” challenge.
    • Fixed issue where background award did not unlock after level completion with a Relic.
    • Improvements to the Vanguard logic in Awakening.
    • Updated door logic for Ark interior sequence in Awakening.
    • Fixed the gas exploit on Mayday.
    • Fixed the Drill exploit on Mayday.
    • Fixed issue in Chaos mode where players would T-pose.
    • Fixed issue with Seeders being included in Seeker challenges.
    • Balancing updates for all maps.

Xbox 360 Specific Update

In addition to the Title Update.


    • Fix for rare loss of rank issue that could occur when swapping between 360/X1.

Xbox One Specific Update

In addition to the Title Update.


    • Fix for rare crash that could occur on Tremor with specific character models.
    • Added a segregated matchmaking warning message for low rep players.
    • Fixed issue that could display incorrect Rich Presence in local play.
    • Fix for rare loss of rank issue that could occur when swapping between 360/X1.

The Nemesis DLC releases first today on Xbox Live. Will you be playing it today?

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Source: CallofDutyCommunity