CAIN First Person Thriller Announced

Developer Gazpacho Games has announced its first person thriller, CAIN, the psychological thriller that is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 for PC.

CAIN features Jeff Joyce, a math specialist born in Mount Lebanon (Louisiana), awakes in a room with no way out. He doesn’t know the reason why he is held, which becomes his obsession during the whole story.

Jeff’s odyssey to run away from the house gets complicated as the adventure goes on. However, as the story evolves, he notices some weird things happening there.


  • CAIN is a first-person thriller full of logic puzzles to be solved by the player.
  • The narrative style has some thriller elements mixed with features from traditional graphic novels.
  • The player will have the opportunity to interact with many objects distributed all over the rooms. In this respect, watching such objects and looking for them will be the key to know in depth what is going on.
  • CAIN is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and is also provided with some of the developer’s own tools.
  • CAIN will be available mainly in English and Spanish.

Here is the CAIN gameplay teaser trailer:

Source: Press Release