Caffeine Sci-Fi Horror Game Video Released

Developer Incandescent Imaging has released a new video featuring Unreal Engine 4.

Caffeine is described as,

“a visually stunning Sci-Fi Horror Adventure game where you awaken as a young boy to find yourself seemingly alone on a space station.

With no memory and no one around, you set off to explore the depths of this vast space station with the hope of finding out exactly what has transpired here.

Caffeine will primarily be a Sci-Fi Horror game, but at the same time employ a strong focus on both adventure and narrative and will include some smart puzzle game play.

There will be no weapons in Caffeine but you will be able to use the environment around you.”

Take a look at the Caffeine trailer #4 below:

Caffeine is currently on indiegogo with $2,341 funded out of a $80,000 goal with 34 days left.

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Source: Incandescent Imaging