Bus Simulator 16 First DLC ‘MAN Lion’s City A 47 M’ Now Available

Bus Simulator 16 First DLC 'MAN Lion's City A 47 M' Now Available

Moenchengladbach/Germany, April 6th, 2016 – Publisher astragon Entertainment and developer stillalive studios developer team are happy to announce today the release of the MAN Lion’s City A 47 M DLC for Bus Simulator 16 on Steam. In addition to the official licensed MAN bus the first official extension will also offer three new decals, three ads as well as three brand new songs for the bus radio.

In Bus Simulator 16 the player slips into the role of a bus company owner in the city of Sunny Springs. Thanks to the new DLC he will not only have access to the 6 originally modeled city buses of the main game, but will also have the opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel of an official licensed MAN Lion’s City A 47 M. This bus by the well known German bus and truck manufacturer MAN is a small and extremely maneuverable vehicle that every fan of this genre will be happy to add to his fleet!

In addition to the new bus the DLC will also offer access to three new decals for the decoration of the player’s buses as well as three new ad banners. The ads will not only serve as a visual enhancement of the buses, but also as an additional source of income for the bus company, while the three new songs for the game’s bus radio will not only be enjoyable to the player but also to the virtual passengers during their cummute.

Watch the Bus Simulator 16: MAN Lion’s City A 47 M DLC trailer:

The official Bus Simulator 16: MAN Lion’s City A 47 M DLC is now available on Steam for 1.99 USD /1.99 EUR /  1.59 GBP. The main game Bus Simulator 16 is available now for PC and Mac on Steam for 26.99 USD /24.99 EUR//18.99 GBP (RRP) in retail and as digital download.

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