Bubble Blaze Huge New Update Details


Millions of Downloads For Modern Classic Popping Action!

Dundee, Scotland – April 23, 2015 – With millions of players worldwide, Outplay Entertainment today announced a massive update for its breakout hit, Bubble Blaze, with features and upgrades which promise to make the game more fun than ever before.

Bubble Blaze Huge New Update Details

Players will be bursting with excitement for the new and improved features:

  • New Map: A new world map places all 180+ puzzle levels along one main progress path, so players can get straight down to the business of bubble popping! Players can also challenge Facebook friends and race them across the Bubble Blaze kingdom.
  • Even Better Gameplay: A new Pop-the-Top objective joins the other great gameplay modes, Beat the Clock, and Hit the Egg. Once players clear the bubble pack, they’re in for a special sparkling celebration!
  • Bubblier Bubbles: All 180+ levels have been lovingly enhanced for an all-new bubble blasting experience, and the bubbles have been polished to perfection to make them even brighter and shinier than ever before!

Bubble Blaze has been a huge global success for Outplay since its launch more than two years ago, and we’re committed to building upon this moving forward,” said President Richard Hare. “We’ve significantly improved Bubble Blaze to bring the experience up to date for our existing community and new players alike.”

Available for all major smartphones and tablets, Bubble Blaze has now been downloaded by millions of players worldwide since its launch and shows no sign of slowing down.

The new iteration of the puzzler has been optimised for several platforms including iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Samsung and Nook, and it has been localised in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Players must help brave Blaze and his Dragon Pups defeat the villainous egg thief Sir Blackheart in a series of challenging bubble-filled arenas. Aim and fire bubbles to make chains of matching colours that pop – it’s so addictive, you just can’t stop! Join the fun today:

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