Bruce Lee Kicks His Way into Heroes Evolved


Yesterday marked the official release date of Bruce Lee’s playable character in Heroes Evolved. R2Games and the Bruce Lee, LLC (owned and operated by Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee) have joined forces on this project, bringing the legendary kung fu master into the virtual battle arena of Heroes Evolved. Master Lee’s addition to the game marks the first time in history that the martial arts icon will appear as a playable MOBA character.

“We are very proud to be the first to officially bring Bruce Lee to the world of MOBA games,” said Yumin Wang, R2Games’ Global Publishing Director. “We’re long-time fans and can’t wait to pit all our other heroes against the world renowned Bruce Lee!”

Additionally, R2Games has brought livestreaming directly into Heroes Evolved, integrating Youtube Gaming,, and Bigo Live directly into the in-game UI. This will allow players to watch their favorite streamers, championships, and events with ease.

Bruce Lee Kicks His Way into Heroes Evolved

To celebrate Bruce Lee joining the ranks of playable characters, R2Games has prepared a global Heroes Evolved in-game event. Server-wide rewards for all players include free heroes, extra lore tidbits, boosts, skins, and much more! Players can take part in this event and many more via the official website here.

Heroes Evolved is a 5v5 online arena game, in which players assume the role of a powerful hero, and work together as a team to destroy the opposing base. Gameplay is fast paced, tactical, and above all – very fun. It appeals to both casual and more hardcore gamers, offering multiple modes with a focus ranging from serious tournaments, to all-out just-for-laughs brawls.

Bruce Lee Kicks His Way into Heroes Evolved
Bruce Lee and his Alternate Skin in Heroes Evolved

R2Games hopes to see Heroes Evolved continue to grow, and already has several new heroes and gameplay modes in the pipes. 7v7 mode will be coming in a future patch very soon, sure to bring even more mayhem to the battle.

Check Out the Heroes Evolved Bruce Lee Trailer:

You can download Heroes Evolved on the App Store and Google Play.