Briquid Mini Review

Dutch video games developer Gamious released their physics puzzle title Briquid Mini today and we had a great deal of fun reviewing it on the iPAD.

Briquid Mini iPAD Review


Controls are super friendly – simply tap on a brick to dissolve it or tap on an empty space to build a brick. Oh, and tilting the iPAD to make the water run in different directions also counts as a move, so watch out!


Gameplay is super fun! You really get to test your puzzle solving skills with this one. The game is so addicting that we’ve found ourselves spending several hours trying to get 100% on each and every level — we are still trying. Just when you become super proud of yourself for solving a challenge, a new and much harder one comes next, keeping you interested.


There is no story line for this game as it’s puzzle solving. But don’t worry, you will not miss a story line as you’ll be so busy with trying to complete each level.


Graphics were pleasing and colorful. Colors were bright and seemed to pop off the screen. The visuals and textures are nice and crisp, giving the user no trouble when navigating throughout each level.


The sound of Briquid Mini is pretty cool and matches the game perfectly as you progress through the levels. There are unique sounds for each time the display is rotated and when bricks are dissolved.

Overall, we gave Briquid Mini a 5 out of 5.

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