Breakout Arkanu Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Breakout Arkanu Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Developer White Nova Studio has released their mobile game Breakout Arkanu.

Breakout Arkanu is a fresh take on the Breakout / Arkanoid genre introducing some new mechanics such as storing a bonus for later and fun bonus effects. The nunus – mischievous creatures that come out of the bricks to make your life harder help keep the game intriguing and exciting. While playing the game you will be completely immersed in the world of fun and entertainment.

Breakout Arkanu Features

  • Touch-Friendly controls
  • Lots of interesting levels
  • 37 Bonuses which can be upgraded
  • Nunus – fun characters that make your gaming experience complete
  • Sigils – powerful magics available at any moment to you
  • 5 Game Modes spread throughout the levels
  • 4 Difficulty Settings each with its own perks
  • Additional Level Packs
  • A Secret Level
  • 30 Achievements
  • 7 Collectible upgrades
  • Mechanic to store bonuses and use them later on
  • Different skin options
  • Objectives in levels that reward you for completing them

Here is the Breakout Arkanu trailer:

You can download Breakout Arkanu on Google Play and the App Store for free.