Bravely Default StreetPass Tips

Nintendo of America has released some StreetPass tips for the 3DS Bravely Default.

Here are some of the Bravely Default StreetPass Tips:

Rebuild Tiz’s Village of Norende:

  • Gain StreetPass tags to add more villagers
  • Add villagers to a project to reduce the amount of time it takes to rebuild
  • Once completed, shops will send gifts, so check back often!

Sending/Receiving Moves in Battle:

  • While in combat go to Summon Friend and then Send.  Choose an action – you’ll enact that move in battle and then send it out via StreetPass
  • Go to Summon Friend to pick a move from the list of other players’ StreetPass tags.

Find 4 friend to Abilink one to each of your characters:

  • Abilink with a friend who has leveled up a shared Job you haven’t. You can access their abilities and spend time focusing on other jobs.

You can take a look at the official tweet and StreetPass tips screenshot below:

You can also watch the Bravely Default TV commercial here.

Let us know if you use the StreetPass tips.

Source: Nintendo of America