BOUNCY SMASH Heading to the App Store in Q1 2018

BOUNCY SMASH Heading to the App Store in Q1 2018

Nashville-based indie developer IV Studio is pleased to announce that BOUNCY SMASH will make its debut exclusively on iOS in Q1 2018

Bouncy Smash was recently nominated as “Mobile Game of the Year” by the 2017 Bit Awards, which will take place on December 15 at the Parsons School of Design in New York.

Bounce and smash your way to the top in this colorful, addictive romp inspired by retro classics Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong – and modern fare such as Downwell, Alto’s Adventure, and Monument Valley.

It’s 2019. The Tyller Corporation has developed synthetic beings they call “duplicants.” (Obviously, the duplicants revolt – or we wouldn’t have a story!) Special squads known as “smashers” were ordered to eliminate all duplicants. You are a smasher known as Arlo.

Featuring four rewarding skills, an endless mode, weekly/daily challenges, and barely disguised roguelike tendencies, Bouncy Smash hits the sweet spot between old and new – delivering an accessible yet hardcore mobile experience unlike anything else on iOS.

The perfect bounce: Split-second timing and pinpoint-accurate downward movement that crush wave after wave of evil bounce-lings. Going for broke? Augment your attack effectiveness with four powerful smashing abilities to take them all out in one blow. If you finish a wave, you earn the option to choose a valuable perk – such as a 20% higher bounce bonus – to increase your chances of survival.

Customize Arlo with bunny ears, a glorious king’s helmet, a swanky top hat, and more to become a hardened, fashion-conscious smasher. Deftly avoid bouncing attacks and spikes to remain in one piece, and stay on the lookout for 75 unlockables hidden in plain sight. Bounce your heart out and make short work of those duplicants in this smashing take on arcade gaming!

BOUNCY SMASH Heading to the App Store in Q1 2018


Zac Dixon (Creative Director, IV Studio):

“Bouncy Smash is a culmination of our life experiences as children of the ‘90s. Like most gamers from our generation, Nintendo and N64 titles carried us through the introduction of the PlayStation 2 in 2000 – but we eventually started seeing beyond the endless fun at our disposal and began to think in terms of gameplay mechanics, balance, and replayability. The result is the technicolor madness of Bouncy Smash.”

Samuel Cowden (Executive Producer, IV Studio):

“It’s all true. Bouncy Smash is us. Our goal in life is to create beautiful things for the world to see. The game’s stylish 3D visuals and impossibly fun arcade-style gameplay take players on a journey of pure, undiluted nostalgia – paying homage to our love for games and everything they represent.”


  • Experience the best in arcade-style platforming gameplay with colorful, challenging levels
  • Rack up massive high scores to bounce your way up the leaderboards
  • Customize your character with fun outfits and color skins – each with their own upgrades
  • Use four skills to make your character even more powerful
  • Test your bounce and smash skills in intense daily and weekly challenges

Watch the Bouncy Smash Gameplay Trailer:

Bouncy Smash will debut exclusively on the App Store in Q1 2018.