BOMB Arcade Air-Combat Action Now on Steam

BOMB Arcade Air-Combat Action Now on Steam

Crimson Skies-styled dogfights meets TaleSpin’s adventurous storylines in “BOMB”, available now on Steam

What happens when you mix Crimson Skies’ fast -paced aerial combat with the humor and stylings of animated classics like TaleSpin and Porco Rosso? You get La Moustache Studio’s newly released game for PC– BOMB! In BOMB, you’ll jump into the cockpit and run missions in the skies above and around a tropical paradise, earning money and experiencing the aerial adventure of a lifetime!


  • Take to the skies in any of eight of classic and retro-futuristic aircraft, each sporting a selection of stylish skins to fit your aesthetic aspirations
  • Take down sky pirates, harass the neighboring islands with advertising leaflet drops or run cargo missions to make payroll this week
  • Enjoy a complete 17-mission single-player campaign, or jump into multiplayer dogfights for fun and glory. Practice your aerial combat skills in single-player AI skirmish mode!
  • Full modding support
  • Multiple control options – fly the planes your way by controllers, flightstick, TrackIR or Oculus Rift VR
  • Make the locals swoon as they enviously eye your pilot’s awesome moustache! (We are La Moustache Studio, after all!)

Here are the new screenshots:

And, here is the official trailer:

You can download BOMB on Steam right now.

Source: Press Release