BOID Update Now Live on Steam Early Access

Developer tinyBuild has released the first update on Steam Early Access for class-based multiplayer RTS BOID, which introduces lots of usability improvements and balances units.

BOID Update Now Live on Steam Early Access

In addition, the update features:

  • New animations for base take overs, using abilities, and unit death
  • You now see health of selected units
  • Units now indicate low health – their light fades slightly
  • Nerfed the Scouts, now they have 10% less armor
  • Added hints during map loads
  • Fixed issues with Invite a Friend function
  • Lots of stability improvements
  • Improved pathfinding
  • Fixed bug when teleporter exit wouldn’t work properly sometimes
  • Lots of small improvements
  • There’s now a sound when you’ve found an opponent

The developer is reading everyone’s feedback and taking it very seriously. One thing that didn’t make it into today’s update is Waypoints on Spawn. To assign waypoints to spawned units automatically. It might come in the next update and we do see it being a very important feature.

BOID right now runs in XNA, however Maks pulled off the impossible and ported his XNA-based engine to Unity. This is something loads of developers are trying to do, and looks like BOID will be amongst the first to pull it off.

It means that in the next week or so the game will get a massive engine update, improving stability on all fronts, and making Mac/Linux much more viable.  The developer will hold off integrating Steam stuff (like achievements) until the new engine update, so don’t worry – it’s coming!

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Source: Press Release and Steam