BOID Update 3 Adds Leagues and Ratings

Developer tinyBuild has released Update 3 on Steam Early Access, which introduces Leagues and Ratings for class-based multiplayer RTS BOID.

BOID Update 3 Adds Leagues and Ratings

The League system is done in an interesting way. Before the start of a match – based on your gameplay history, and your opponents — you get a chance of winning, alongside other stats. These stats determine how many points you might get or lose.

  • Leagues and ratings live
  • Fixed start-up crashes
  • Removed CommunityExpressSDK dependency – moved to Steamworks.NET
  • Added Windows Cursor option
  • Pressed mouse cursor state added
  • Right click on minimap now moves units
  • Taskbar icon will blink if error during matchmaking occurred
  • Options button redesigned
  • New hot-keys added Z,X,C… (test mode)
  • Fixed messages in options window
  • Fixed Bombs behavior – now they attack frozen units

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Source: Steam