BOID New Update Details

BOID, the accessible-yet-deep real-time strategy from Mokus Games and tinyBuild Games, has received a new update that completely overhauls the AI system, with a new algorithm that works on any map, including user-created levels.

BOID New Update Details

The previous bot system could only handle specific levels, but now you can battle against the bots on any level, including maps you’ve created yourself. We won’t bore you with explanations about triangulation and path-finding and all that jargon, but all you need to know is that this is A Pretty Big Deal.

Essentially, it means there are now hundreds of levels to play, thanks to the oodles of maps that our community has created.  This latest update also add numerous other features that players have been asking for, including chat history, an upgraded UI, enhanced group bindings, and some changes to the Venom Valley map.

And in case you missed it, there’s still a couple of days left to get BOID in the latest Humble Bundle for pennies! Come join the battle, and see how high you can rank against the rest of the community.

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