BOID Gets Second Major Update

Developer tinyBuild has released the second update on Steam Early Access for class-based multiplayer RTS BOID.









Below you can find the full update notes:

  • Added Rally Points – automatically send units to a certain location on spawn
  • Group Bindings – use ctrl+[number] to group units
  • 10 New Maps
  • A New Type of Spawner Base
  • Medics can now occupy enemy bases if those have no units
  • Added borderless display mode
  • Smoothened unit movement
  • Optimized the units selection panel (on the left)
  • Optimized path finding
  • Scouts visuals changed
  • Turret visuals changed
  • Added mouse speed option in settings
  • Fixed loads of crashes in the game

Development update:

In the last update I mentioned an upcoming port to unity and a temporary feature freeze. Looks like this is not the case any more, since the game is getting tons of traction right now and Max is able to fix loads of common bugs. The idea was to make the engine export into Unity and then add all the Steamworks features, like achievements and cloud support. For now this is on hold as we are working on an insane set of features to make BOID more competitive, with a league system.

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Source: Press Release and Steam