BOID Big Update Details

BOID, the accessible-yet-deep real-time strategy from Mokus Games and tinyBuild Games, received its biggest update since launch today, with the addition of a map editor, Steam trading cards, and more — and with this update comes the first price increase.

BOID Big Update Details

tinyBuild has had great success with the map editor in our hit multiplayer title SpeedRunners, with more than 11,000 maps created in total already, so they are excited to see what BOID players do with these new tools.

Players will be able to create their own BOID arenas, complete with whichever class bases they choose, then boot the game up and download levels created by other players. The developer is looking forward to seeing what players come up with.

On top of that, Steam Trading Cards have now been injected into the BOID formula; they’ve added a “beginner” bot difficulty; fiddled with bits and bobs here and there and the game’s balancing has been tweaked and twerked based on feedback from our player base.

Price increase

Back when BOID launched on Steam Early Access, the developer said that the game would increase in price at specific intervals — including when the Map Editor and Steam Workshop functionality goes live.

Staying true to their word, the game will raise in price today, jumping from $2.99 to $5.99. If you’re reading this early enough, maybe you can grab a copy from Steam before the price hike — otherwise, you’re going to want to grab BOID before the next price hike to $9.99.

Take a look at the BOID level editor video:

Here’s a full list of what you can expect to find:

New Features:

  • Map Editor added
  • Trading Cards added
  • Added “beginner” difficulty to bots
  • After opponent quits a ranked match the result gets saved
  • Exceptions logging improved
  • Leagues points calculation slightly changed
  • Label control improved – MaxWidth added
  • InputLabel control improved
  • Detailed analytics integrated
  • Maps list scrolling changed
  • Maps directories changed
  • Changed Map format
  • Melee vs. Melee fight time shortened
  • Amount of defending units on all maps lowered
  • Enclave map changed
  • Warp Zone map changed
  • Basic units nerfed. -15% speed  -10% damage
  • Kamikaze explosion time lowered
  • Base claim time lowered
  • Turrets vs. Guns fights fixed
  • Fixed issue with long names overlapping scores
  • “Select by unit type” hotkey fixed
  • InputLabel capital letters input fixed
  • Fixed bug with wrong user league/division icon in versus view
  • Fixed bug with info panel not showing closest friends results

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