Bob Was Hungry PC Review

Bob Was Hungry PC Review

This is our review of interplanetary foodie platformer, Bob Was Hungry, by developer Shorebound Studios.

We’ll start right off with letting you know that this super fun game is VERY challenging, even to the best of player. You’ll find yourself addicted to playing even though your fingers will be aching from pressing the keyboard so much trying to complete challenging jumps and maneuvers.

We enjoyed the crisp and vibrant graphics right away. Nothing was blurry nor hard to recognize, and the color schemes are very pleasing to the eye. The sounds of Bob Was Hungry also seem to match the levels perfectly.

Bob Was Hungry PC Review

A single-player mode is available, but Bob Was Hungry also supports up to eight players in each of the game’s four frantic multiplayer modes:

  • Co-op
  • “Shared death” co-op
  • Competitive race
  • Competitive survival race

In a co-op game, players need to work together and split a baked potato. In a competitive race, the last hambone in the universe is up for grabs.

Here are the key features:

  • 2-8 player online cooperative and competitive modes
  • Online game modes include co-op, shared death co-op,
    competitive race, and competitive survival race
  • Challenging precision platforming
  • More than 150 levels
  • Steam achievements and trading cards
  • Full controller support

Here is our opening scene video, which takes you through the opening scene and the first stage of the tutorial (highly recommended that you complete it before attempting to jump right in and play):

We give Bob Was Hungry 4.5 / 5 and recommend a definite BUY.

Bob Was Hungry is available for $9.99 (33% discount) on Steam.

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