Bloxland Story to be Released This Summer

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning, BitBox Games announced that Bloxland Story will be released this summer for Android and iOS.

Bloxland Story to be Released This Summer 3

Take a look at the official press release below:

Bitbox Games, Spanish based video game publisher, is proud to announce a new release for this summer: Bloxland Story. Developed by Talaiot Studio,  it will be first released in Google Play Store and iTunes for smartphones/tablets during summer 2014. Subsequently,  Windows Phone, PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game are scheduled for a later release.

Bloxland Story features puzzle mechanics combined with frantic action where strategy plays an important role. Main game basic consists in matching 3 or more blocks of the same color in order to increase the Block Counter and/or completing any other objectives of a particular stage. Speed play will help increasing the “Chain Bar” and therefore the score multiplier. At the same time new blocks are persistently falling from the top. If a column is full when a new block should fall on it, the Game is over.

Bloxland Story to be Released This Summer 2

Through 40 stages in 5 areas, Story Mode puts the player in the shoes of Kubik and his teleporting machine. Each level features different objectives among one of the multiple scenarios the game sets: collect blocks, time-trial, survival, puzzle… Although game difficulty is quite demanding, the learning curve adapts to any player regardless of his playing skills. In Bloxland each game is completely different from the previous one. The player must make use of all his skills to get to the top of the global rankings, or achieve medals to unlock new levels and extra game modes.

The game features a singular art style. Firstly, thanks to its 16-bit pixel inspired look, flavored by dozens of references to classic video game culture. Secondly, the charisma of its main character.  And finally, an OST created with catchy synthesized melodies beautified by the funny game sound effects.

Bloxland Story aims to carry nostalgic players back to the Golden Age of Video Game while letting new generations feel a true classic experience.

Bloxland Story was first shown last June at Mallorca Game 2014 (a video games event held in the Balearic Islands) where it was highly acclaimed by the lucky players were able to test it. Talaiot Studio developers David Martins and Pablo Beltrán describe Bloxland as a sincere expression of passion for video games, reminiscent of the 8-16 bit era, adapted to contemporaneous likes but maintaining the essence of challenging gameplay. Carefully crafted, Bloxland Story has all the ingredients to become the Spanish revelation game of the year.

For Bitbox Games this will be its third successful release this year, following the PC/Mac version of “Scourge: Outbreak” and “Ambush (Scourge)” for Android and iOS; both from the developer Tragnarion Studios.

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Source: BitBox Games