Bloxland Story Available Now for Mobile, Trailer

BitBox Games has announced that Bloxland Story is now available for Android, Windows Phone 8 and iOS.

Bloxland Story to be Released This Summer 3

Here is Bloxland Story game description:

ENJOY A TRUE CLASSIC EXPERIENCE! Bloxland Story is an action/puzzle game flavored with pixel-art graphics and original music.

Join Kubik and his teleportation machine through 40 re-playable stages in Story Mode. Put your skills to the limit in Survival Mode (Classic & Hardcore) or struggle against the clock in Time-Attack Mode (coming soon).

In Bloxland Story you must use all your skills and strategy to rescue the mysterious Blox. In your quest you will face the challenging climatic events as well as many other obstacles. Chaining quick moves and using the special Blox to your advantage are the key to victory.

Tune your skills, obtain medals and improve your score and reach the top of the leaderboards! Accept the challenge and become a true master of Bloxland.

PAY ONCE to enjoy all the content FOREVER and WITHOUT ADVERTS.

Take a look at the new trailer below:

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Source: Bitbox Games