Bloxitivity Heading to Steam Jan. 21

Bloxitivity Heading to Steam Jan. 21

Bloxitivity is a puzzle/platformer with a powerful twist – you get to create the puzzles! Using the built-in level creator you’re given the power to create intricate puzzles which you can share with friends and fans instantly using the Steam Workshop or directly by sharing the XML files used by the game. Build your levels with a host of tools and placements such as different colored blox and goals, teleporters, enemy spawners, conveyors, and more! Then share them with others for playing, streaming, or simply to show off what you’ve made. It’s not just a game – it’s a tool that unleashes your creativity. What will you create?

Bloxitivity Heading to Steam Jan. 21

Bloxitivity Play

Move around unique stages created by fellow players as you push and pull blox onto matching goals with your powerful beam weapons. Switch between three different camera angles to get the best view of the action. Utilize your movement, dashing, and double jumping capabilities to traverse platforming elements and dodge enemies, or blast them off of the platforms so that you can solve each puzzle and clear the level.

Bloxitivity comes with an assortment of initial levels that serve as examples to inspire you and fuel your creativity. As free updates to the game are released, extra levels will be added created by the development team behind the game; 55 Revolver. You can also download and play levels that you and other Bloxitivity players have created using the level creator.

Bloxitivity Heading to Steam Jan. 21


Inside the level creator you will find all the tools you need to build your own puzzle/platformer levels including time and weather controls, spawn points, and more! Create as many levels as you like, test ’em out, then share them with others by uploading them to the Steam Workshop or by sharing the XML files that the game reads from. Make stages that will stump your friends, or create a relaxing setting to take the edge off. It’s your game, make it the way you want it!

Bloxitivity Features

  • 25 Initial levels to play through serving as examples and inspiration
  • Extra levels coming soon in free updates
  • Download levels created by others from the Steam Workshop or via XML files
  • Create your own levels using a robust level creator
  • Share your levels with friends and fans
  • Unique push/pull beam lets you move blox from a distance and blast away enemies
  • Multiple camera angles give you the best view at all times

Here is the official Bloxitivity trailer:

About 55 Revolver:

55 Revolver is an in-house game development team for Degica Co., Ltd. – publishers of the world famous RPG Maker software. Originally conceived by Kain Vinosec and Mitchell Scott in May, 2014, it wasn’t until November of that year that the team began coming together and focusing on long-term projects. Bloxitivity, a puzzle/platformer with a powerful level creator, is the team’s first commercial title.

Bloxitivity will be coming to Steam for PC on January 21 alongside a tie-in promotion on RPG Maker Web.