Blood Brothers 2 Mobile RPG Gets Invaded by The Ghostbusters

Blood Brothers 2 Mobile RPG Gets Invaded by The Ghostbusters

New and classic characters from the Ghostbusters  franchise are blasting their way into DeNA’s strategic battle RPG, Blood Brothers 2! Beginning today, Blood Brothers 2 (BB2) players will get to experience Ghostbusters characters, reimagined in the BB2 art style, in conjunction with the theatrical release of Sony Pictures’ Ghostbusters on July 15.

Galbraith, a recurring anti-hero in BB2, has escaped from the Netherworld and unleashed a wave of undead activity across Arnashia and decides to recruit spirits from Ghostbusters to bolster his own forces.

The first round of Ghostbusters characters available in-game as of today include Mayhem, Slimer, and Rowan; with Egon, Vigo, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man coming in the second event on July 28. This special crossover event offers players a limited-time chance to add Ghostbusters characters to their squad. Players will be able to keep the characters in their BB2 squad indefinitely.

Blood Brothers 2 Mobile RPG Gets Invaded by The Ghostbusters

Between the two Ghostbusters hauntings, Blood Brothers 2 will host the Clash on the Styx event on July 21, where players will face off against three featured fan-created commanders, selected from player submissions earlier this year. In celebration of this event, beginning on July 22, players can once again submit self-made commanders on the Blood Brothers 2 Facebook page for a second chance to bring their creations to life in the world of Arnashia.

Blood Brothers 2 is a strategic battle game with a strong focus on character abilities and evolution. The world is rich with hundreds of characters and multiple variations of each. The story starts with a traditional save-the-world story line, but instantly twists into deep sub plots of loyalty and betrayal. Players get lost in an ancient kingdom filled with dragons, mythic gods, demons, knights, samurai, trolls, and dozens more creatures along their journey.

Check out the new Blood Brothers 2 screenshots:

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Blood Brothers 2 is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android devices.