Blitzkrieg 3 Now on Steam Early Access

May 6, 2015 – St. PetersburgNival officially announced that from now on, Blitzkrieg 3 is available on Steam Early Access ($29.99) and launched a special promotion.

Blitzkrieg 3 Now on Steam Early Access

“I’m a big fan of RTS games” said Sergey Orlovskiy, CEO and company founder. “But good RTS games are so rare nowadays, so we had to do it by ourselves. We put all of our 18 years of experience in strategy games in Blitzkrieg 3 to make it really innovative – to re-invent the genre, and set a new height.”


  • Asynchronous Multiplayer Mode – For the first time ever, PvP in an RTS does not require multiple hours spent in front of a PC monitor on a single battle coupled with long waits looking for an online opponent. Thanks to the asynchronous PvP mode, you can attack enemy bases while your opponents are at work or at school. Are you capable of breaking the defenses created by your opponent and defeating their troops? Are you ready for the ultimate battle of minds!
  • Pay once – play forever – You pay for the game, and you got all the content – with no subscription, and no microtransactions.
  • Two different game modes – Choose your attacking units, lead your troops in to battle, crush the enemy’s defenses and capture his resources – apply your battlefield strategies to ensure victory. But can you also avoid defeat at the hands of your enemy’s battlefield strategies on your own base? Build a strong defensive game plan worthy of a real military strategist!
  • Three playable factions to choose from – Fight as either the Allies, USSR or Axis with over 40 different units available to you with your Base upgrade.
  • Re-arming and upgrading units – Your units don’t just fight, they also gain combat experience from each battle they are in. And with that experience they will improve their characteristics, enabling them to be re-armed with more powerful weaponry. In addition, there are further upgrades available in the Science Center.
  • In-game Generals – Every army needs a commander, including yours, so choose carefully! The Generals feature provides players with dozens of commanders to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. For example – some make tanks more powerful in battle, others allow you to capture additional resources, while some generals are especially proficient with infantry operations.
    Each General garners their own experience for successful operations, upgrading their abilities and becoming more skilled. This filters down to the offensive and defensive units under their command which in turn also become more powerful.
  • Historical Campaign (1939-1945) – The historical singleplayer campaign will cover the entirety of World War II, begining with the German invasion of Poland in 1939 and culminating with the victorious march to Berlin by Soviet troops in 1945. During the campaign players will be able to take part as all three factions, experiencing some of the most intersting tactical operations of World War II. The best strategists will receive additional rewards for optimum operation completion.
  • One single game world – You live in the USA and you want to play against an opponent from Germany? No problem, you can still capture his base. In Blitzkrieg 3, players from all over the world play on one game server, in one gaming domain, without any barriers or restrictions.

Everyone who buys Blitzkrieg 3 on Steam from May 6 to 12, will also receive a digital copy of the first and second part of the Blitzkrieg Anthology as a gift from developers. Blitzkrieg Anthologies include the original games and all the official add-ons.

Here is the official gameplay teaser:

Blitzkrieg 3 will be available on Steam Early Access in two editions – Standard and Special. A detailed description of both editions and their price can be found at the Blitzkrieg 3 Steam store page. All players who pre-ordered the game on the official website will be able to bind their activation keys to their Steam account.

Source: Press Release