Blacklight: Retribution New Seaport Map Releasing Today for PS4

Zombie Studios’ free-to-play FPS Blacklight: Retribution will be getting a new Seaport Map today for PS4.

Here is how the developer describes the new Seaport Map:

Seaport is designed to bring players into the fight quickly with two major avenues of attack. If you find yourself pinned down, plenty of smaller side paths and routes cut through the port’s warehouses. Good use of HRV is critical, since the opposition can take you by surprise quickly if you let your guard down — watch your teammates’ backs.

The industrial port setting means there’s verticality to the map you need to keep in mind to be competitive. Check the walkways and roofs as you advance or you’ll just be GP in someone else’s wallet.

Blacklight Retribution New Seaport Map Releasing Today for PS4


Are you looking forward to playing the new Seaport Map?

Source: Blacklight: Retribution