Blackguards 2 Review for PC

This is the review for the Windows PC version of strategy, RPG Blackguards 2 by Daedalic Entertainment.

A major influence into the design of Blackguards 2 was feedback from gamers, press and community based on the original Blackguards-game. Taking this input into account, Daedalic Entertainment’s team has added new features, unique enemies and enhanced and improved gameplay to Blackguards 2. In the game, battles are even more epic, and their handling has been significantly tweaked, to make them more accessible, yet also more challenging.

Blackguards 2 Review for PC



The graphics were eye catching, and featured book-style cut scenes. What we liked best about the graphics, however, was the way we were able to manipulate the camera’s view so easily. For these reasons, we gave the graphics a 4 / 5.

We gave the sound a 5 / 5 considering that famed Composer Peter Connelly (Tomb Raider) has crafted the soundtrack.


Blackguards 2 Review for PC


Blackguards 2 starts out in a great and simple way that allows the player enough time and practice to really get the attacks and spells down. This turn-based, role-playing game then progresses in levels and difficulty, which will take the player from battle to battle while boosting their capabilities and honing their skills in cities and a camp.

What we really enjoyed was the way in which each companion  was able to evolve simply based on the player’s style. The game was challenging, progressed in a great pace in difficulty and complexity level and gave you enough objectives to keep you very interested.

We gave the gameplay a 5 / 5.

Controls were very easy to use. We appreciated the way the developer takes the player through in-game tutorials and teaches you how to manipulate the characters and weapons from scene to scene in a progressive manner. We gave the controls a 5 / 5.

Overall, Blackguards 2 is not only challenging, but it’s fun! There are so many choices to be made that the player will keep being interested ans wanting to return to play again and again. Definitely a good buy!


4.5 / 5