Black Desert Online Unleashes the Ninja and Kunoichi Awakenings

Black Desert Online Unleashes the Ninja and Kunoichi Awakenings

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – December 7, 2016/ Black Desert Online’s two swift masters of concealment, the Ninja and Kunoichi classes, receive their full-power Awakening weapon and skills in today’s update.

The Ninja’s precise and deadly close-quarters combat is enhanced with the new Sura Katana, a set of six blades each dealing very high damage. The Kunoichi, who specializes in rapidly deflecting enemy attacks, similarly gains new offensive powers in the Sah Chakram. Making full use of class Awakenings means switching weapons on the fly and quickly adapting to each situation, so keen Ninja and Kunoichi players have a lot to gain by combining their expanded skill sets with their already nimble play style.

Here are the Black Desert Online NINJA screens:

And, here are the Black Desert Online KUNOICHI screens:

Watch the Black Desert Online NINJA & KUNOICHI Awakening Overview Trailer:

Black Desert Online’s final class Awakening is scheduled for December 20. You can order Black Desert Online here

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