BLACK DESERT ONLINE New Ocean Update and Ranger Class Awakening

BLACK DESERT ONLINE New Ocean Update and Ranger Class Awakening

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 12, 2016 – This week the Ranger unlocks her true potential and awakens, claiming the last gift of the Goddess: the Kamasylven Sword. Though she is already light on her feet, this weapon will allow her to move like the wind, slicing down her foes, or leaping away to pierce them with her deadly aim.

The Ranger is quite mobile, flowing from melee to long range effortlessly. The introduction of the Kamasylven Sword not only increases her versatility on the battlefield, but grants her a new level of control over her enemies. She can dash into the fray, causing mayhem and confusion with every movement of her blade, then leap away, knocking her foes back as she does so, in order to rain down death with her bow.

Here is the Black Desert Online Ranger Awakening Video:


A Sneak Peak into Margoria
To prepare for the Margoria Expansion, planned for this winter, the open seas of Black Desert Online have been updated with flora, fauna, and shipwrecks. A new ocean system was implemented, creating realistic and volumetric waves. Starting today, players will be able to explore this beautiful, more lively underwater world.

Watch the new Black Desert Online Ocean Update video:

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