BiT Evolution Releases on Steam Today

Major Games Inc., an Orlando game development studio, announced the full Steam release of their debut project, BiT Evolution later on today.

Since Early Access the developer has added a ton of new content including bosses, challenge modes, difficulties, new characters, story, and a lot more. The Retro Platformer is done and ready to help the gaming community relive the history of this industry from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This love letter to gaming made by Major Games is addictive, challenging, and fun for all ages.

BiT Evolution Releases on Steam Today

Jump inside the world of BiT Evolution and guide BiT, a Pong-Inspired puck, through a wide variety of worlds inspired by games we all grew up with like Contra, MegaMan, Mario, Kirby, and more. The new SNES-Inspired world is sure to bring you quite a few new challenges if you’ve had a chance to play before.


  • 8-bit style gameplay that has been built from the bottom to the top.
  • BiT Evolution has a stunning art style that stays true to the limitations of early gaming consoles, yet combines modern technology to bring old and new into one super-being.
  • The Dual-World mechanic has you switch between two worlds while playing. This will add an extra challenge to the platforming as well as puzzle solving.
  • Boss battles and humorous characters that will take experienced gamers back to the games of yesteryear through both visual and textual narrative.

Here are several new screenshots:

Here is the official game trailer:

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Source: Press Release