BiT Evolution PC Preview and Details

This is a preview for the PC version of retro-style platformer, BiT Evolution by Major Games.

BiT Evolution is a 2D action/adventure game with fun gameplay and a retro, 8-bit aesthetic that evolves as you do. Play as BiT, a puck who decides to break free from the constant back and forth that has become life. Upon breaking free, BiT finds that there is more to life than what has been known.

BiT Evolution PC Preview


  • 8-bit style gameplay that has been built from the bottom to the top.
  • BiT Evolution has a stunning art style that stays true to the limitations of early gaming consoles, yet combines modern technology to bring old and new into one super-being.
  • The Dual-World mechanic has you switch between two worlds while playing. This will add an extra challenge to the platforming as well as puzzle solving.
  • Boss battles and humorous characters that will take experienced gamers back to the games of yesteryear through both visual and textual narrative.

BiT Evolution PC Preview and Details

BiT Evolution graphics are true to retro, 8-bit style format. We like the color differentiation when switching between the two worlds.

BiT Evolution contains neat and nostalgic retro music and sound effects.

BiT Evolution PC Preview


BiT Evolution is loads of fun! You will play as a puck who looks to adventure out into the real world. While dodging laser beams, bosses and enemies, you will be switching between two worlds constantly. This makes the game more creative and challenging as you try to progress through the levels. The game is true to retro-format, but is built with new technology, which is like icing on the cake.

BiT Evolution  features very simple and intuitive controls. Simply press several keyboard buttons and you’re off. Nothing complicated at all, which is nice, because it lets you focus on the task at hand.

Overall, BiT Evolution  is great fun! We enjoyed playing it and if you like retro style gaming with challenging stages, then this game is for you. We recommend a BUY and can’t wait to see the final version once it leaves Steam Early Access.

Here is the official game trailer:

BiT Evolution is now available for PC and Mac for $9.99 on Steam Early Access.

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