BiT Evolution Has Launched on Steam Early Access

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher, developer Major Games announced that BiT Evolution is now available on Steam Early Access.

BiT Evolution is a 2D action/adventure game with fun gameplay and a retro, 8-bit aesthetic that evolves as you do. Play as BiT, a puck who decides to break free from the constant back and forth that has become life. Upon breaking free, BiT finds that there is more to life than what has been known. Join BiT on a journey to explore this new life, meet interesting characters along the way, and face challenges that will evolve through the ages. Get ready to enjoy the awesome platforming, puzzles, collectibles, frivolousness, and that sense of nostalgia that is…BiT Evolution!


  • 8-bit style gameplay that has been built from the bottom to the top.
  • BiT Evolution has a stunning art style that stays true to the limitations of early gaming consoles, yet combines modern technology to bring old and new into one super-being.
  • The Dual-World mechanic has you switch between two worlds while playing. This will add an extra challenge to the platforming as well as puzzle solving.
  • Boss battles and humorous characters that will take experienced gamers back to the games of yesteryear through both visual and textual narrative.


Take a look at the trailer below:

BiT Evolution is now available for PC and Mac on Steam Early Access.

Source: Press Release