Bigpoint and Slightly Mad Studios Talk eSports Game Design & Community Cultivation

Bigpoint and Slightly Mad Studios Talk eSports Game Design & Community Cultivation

Gaming IQ has just released two exclusive interviews with Bigpoint and Slightly Mad Studios. From designing an eSport to building a community around it, these features offer valuable first hand experience from those already venturing successfully into this industry.

Following on from the success of the first ever Shards of War tournament, Sebastian Grun, Senior Community Manager at Bigpoint GmbH, reveals the secrets behind cultivating a successful eSports community. “Before heading forward and unleashing an eSports title or tournament you should listen to what your community wants. Just releasing a title and pushing for an eSport does not help without a balanced game mechanic and feedback from your dedicated high-level players.”

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Andy Tudor, Creative Director at Slightly Mad Studios, speaks about designing a game for eSports success and the strategy behind Project CARS. He shares how he steered their new project to a championship finish by building eSports into the very DNA of the game. “We approached the design on the basis that we provide a great core gameplay experience, treated in a professional manner.”

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eSports Industry Forum 2016 confirms speaker panel to include Bigpoint, ESL, Hitbox, SVT, UKIE, Slightly Mad Studios and Bohemia Interactive…

The first of its kind, the eSports Industry Forum takes a deep look at the business side of eSports, designed specifically for developers, publishers and key stakeholders from the wider ecosystem. The forum will provide an opportunity for more focused networking and the ability to dig deeper into the issues that game creators and publishers face in eSports.

“It is important to be at this event, to be part of the discussion about the future of eSports and gain a greater understanding of the challenges that lie ahead,” commented Creative Director at Slightly Mad Studios Andy Tudor.

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