Betrayer Dated for March Steam Release

Developer Blackpowder Games has announced that its shooter, Betrayer, has been completed and will be released on March 24th on Steam.

Betrayer Dated for March Steam Release


Here is what the developers have to say about Betrayer,

“Betrayer focuses on exploration and discovery with minimal explanation or guidance, so usability is a major concern. We want to make sure you have enough information to be able to find your way through the game and form theories about what might be happening, but we don’t want to over-explain or spell things out, so we hope to rely on community feedback to find a rewarding balance.

Additionally, we want to know what you are enjoying, frustrated or confused by, wishing for, failing to notice, or apathetic to so that we can reinforce the games strengths and shore up its flaws. And we plan to evaluate new features or content based on your feedback, so please let us know what you think.”

Betrayer has been on Steam Early Access since August of last year and can be downloaded now for $14.99.

You can view the Betrayer announce trailer here.

Source: Steam