Bet Real Cash with Street Fighter 4’s Online Money Matches

Virgin Gaming and Capcom have teamed up to allow players to bet real cash while playing Street Fighter 4’s online money matches.

Bet Real Cash with Street Fighter 4's Online Money Matches


Online money matches can be played with PS3 and Xbox 360;no word currently on whether these matches will be available in the Windows PC version. Street Fighter 4 matches will be one-on-one, or players can form leagues of up to 32 players.

Once registered, players will have to either enter their opponents’ gamertag on their respective consoles or accept the match invitation request once they are paired up. After the match results have been reported on the company website, Virgin Gaming will automatically deposit any winnings into players’ accounts, which can be kept and deposited into players’ real-world bank or used to keep placing bets.

What do you think? Will you be betting money with Street Fighter 4? Let us know how you do.

Source: Virgin Gaming