The Best Hunting Games of 2014

Americans spend a huge amount of their free time hunting. In fact, the National Hunting and Fishing Day blog estimates that Americans spend a combined 228 million days hunting every single year, but there are still times when weather or other limitations stop even the most avid hunter from hitting the trails. When the call of the wild can’t be satisfied, video games are a way to simulate the experience.

The Best Hunting Games of 2014

Here are the best hunting games of 2014:

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts

For those who want to bring home the experience of hunting like the pros, Cabela’s “Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts” gives the most authentic gaming experience of any Cabela’s title ever. Four times as big as any previous game in the series, “Pro Hunts” gives players many new ways to track and bag their trophies. Some objectives and challenges require players to track and hunt their prey with specific weapons or techniques, and each area has a special animal that often requires unusual techniques to catch.

Players can choose from four different North American regions to hunt, including the Southeast, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast. Additionally, players are guided on their hunts by hunting legends like Wade Middleton, Jim Shockey and Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo. Few hunting titles in 2014 bring such big professional presence to the world of hunting video games.

Deer Hunter 2014

“Deer Hunter 2014” is a unique Android hunting game. It takes the best features of classic FPS games and combines them with great hunting simulator mechanics. With more than 100 animal species to hunt, “Deer Hunter 2014” offers fast-paced missions in a variety of diverse environments. Players can travel around the world, crossing from North American forests to Central Africa. While the focus of the game is on hunting deer, players have to watch out for aggressive predators such as wolves and bears while tracking their chosen prey.

Offering the greatest customization options available in any smartphone hunting game, “Deer Hunter 2014” allows hunters to upgrade their scopes, barrels, magazines, stocks and more. Additionally, leaderboards allow players to compare their trophies and tracks successes and achievements for all to see. Best of all, it is free to play.


“theHunter” is a sort of hunting MMORPG, where players can join up in groups of eight to compete in co-operative hunting scenarios or work together to bag big game. With eight different hunting reserves to transverse, “theHunter” also features a solo hunt mode that allows players to put their skills to the test against the untamed wild. One of the more exciting elements of “theHunter” are the community events and competitions that bring together players to strive for the highest place on the leaderboards. Getting to the top of the leader boards takes skill and practice, but luckily players can always visit online hunting courses to practice their shooting in interactive simulated rifle ranges. Despite being released initially in 2009, “theHunter” has an active and swelling community and receives new updates regularly. In 2014 both Canadian geese and alpine ibex were added to the types of game hunters can pursue.

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