Beekyr Reloaded Releasing on Steam Nov. 14

Beekyr Reloaded Releasing on Steam Nov. 14

KaleidoGames introduces their latest release of Beekyr Reloaded after four years of development

The Queen Bee has been beaten up and your hive raided: Prepare to execute your revenge with iron fists!

Beekyr Reloaded is a unique game that will introduce new gamers to the Shmup / STG genre as never before. Nine out of ten players have already enjoyed it like crazy; the tenth player is still hooked to the controller and won’t let go!

KaleidoGames officially announces the release of Beekyr Reloaded for Windows PC, finally leaving Early Access on November 14, 2017. An action game with multi-directional scroll, diverse mechanics, a groundbreaking theme and a great co-op mode.

Watch the Beekyr Reloaded Trailer:

Beekyr Reloaded will be available for Windows PC as a digital download on Steam and Green Man Gaming, from November 14th 2017. Versions for game consoles might come at a future time. The game is currently on Steam Early Access.