Beat Hazard Ultra – Made Over $2 Million Dollars in Sales Since Release, Trailer


Beat Hazard Ultra is an arcade shooter that uses the player’s own music library to create a great game experience. The game has been given an update, and has been re-released on the Xbox Indie channel for 400 MS Points.

The update adds the following:

  • Co-op, versus online and local multiplayer as well as boss rush and survival modes
  • 2 new bosses
  • 10 new enemy ships
  • 24 new perks, and
  • 3 new tactical weapons

Developer Cool Bean Games describes Beat hazard Ultra as,

“You can experience your music collection as never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter. Each of your songs will have its own unique ebb and flow based on the music. Power up your spaceship and watch as the music boosts your firepower. Unleash hell on the enemy ships when you max out with weapon pickups!”

You can view the game trailer below:

Beat Hazard Ultra creator, Steve Hunt, stated that the game has sold over 700,000 copies since its initial release, earning around $2.2 million.

The game is also available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and PS3.

Have you tried Beat Hazard Ultra yet?