Battlefield 4 – Xbox 360 and PS3 Update Notes

DICE has rolled out an Xbox 360 and PS3 update for Battlefield 4.



You can view the full update notes below, directly from the BattleBlog:

Console Server Update (PS3/X360)

  • During the Nov 13 maintenance window mentioned above, we will roll out the latest server update for X360 and PS3. This server update will include the following fixes:
  • Temporarily disabled the “Indirect Fire” and “Perimeter Defense” Field Upgrades on PS3 as they caused the game to crash when spawning. This is a temporary workaround while we work to solve the issue altogether.
  • Fixed a number of dog tags that were showing up as blank in-game.
  • Lowered the damage caused by Mobile AA Active Radar missiles to aircraft. The previous damage was incorrectly set too high.
  • Improved server crash reporting and performance tracking on all platforms. This should further help us identify and fix server crashes going forward.

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