Battlefield 3 End Game: Video Explains Modes, Maps & Dropship

Lead designer, Niklas Fegraeus, discusses Battlefield 3: End Game in this EA interview trailer. All four maps are explained, as well as vehicles and modes.

Fegraeus explained that the four maps were each based on the different seasons: “We have the winter map, which is Sabalan Pipeline, and then we have Nebandan Flats, which is a big deserty, hot summer map. And then we have the kind of autumn map which is Operation Riverside and then Kiasar Railroad which is a spring, lush, green type of forest map.”

When the discussing the new Dropship vehicle, Fegraeus explained: “This is basically a rapid deployment idea, which means that if you control the central base, you control a dropship which means that you can spawn inside an IUV dropping out of the dropship onto the battlefield through parachute. So you can get a surprise tank coming down from the sky to help your team, which is pretty cool.”

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