Basement Crawl to Launch Next Week for PS4

Developer Bloober Team has confirmed that its multiplayer title, Basement Crawl, will launch next week exclusively for PS4 via PlayStation Network.

Basement Crawl to Launch Next Week for PS4


You can view the official Basement Crawl description below:

With wildly creepy characters and blood-curdling environments, Basement Crawl combines the Bomberman-style maze-based mayhem gamers have known and loved for years with high intensity action, explosive traps and potent multiplayer competition. Players can choose to grab extra controllers and challenge their friends in-person via four-player local multiplayer or jump onto the PlayStation Network for an eight-player battle for global domination. Players can even gather their friends and go online together from the same PS4 to battle four additional players from around the world.

Basement Crawl will release through PSN on February 25 in North America and February 26 in Europe.

Let us know if you’ll be giving it a try and what you think of it.

Source: Gematsu