Barrage Now on Steam Greenlight

Developer Tectonic Studios has announced that fast-paced multiplayer artillery-RTS game, Barrage, is now on Steam Greenlight.

Barrage Now on Steam Greenlight

Barrage is an unconventional hybrid of 3 genres. Think Starcraft meets Quake meets Worms. We call it an Artillery-RTS, with a bit of FPS thrown in. Gameplay involves raining destruction on your foes from afar, taking advantage of the gravity in outer space to hit your targets from every direction.

You start with your home planet and a few basic buildings. Throughout the course of the game, you will build up your planet, research new technologies and shoot enemy planets with lasers, missiles…even solar flares and black holes!

Each planet can produce 2 types of resources, energy and minerals. Minerals are used to build buildings and physical based weapons. Energy is used to power research and energy-based weapons.

The research tree is split into 5 categories. In the centre, there is a deep base research tree unlocking support buildings. The other 4 categories are weapons: Laser, Missile, Solar and Graviton research.

There are multiple game modes. Single player free-play and survival modes; along with multiplayer deathmatch and team deathmatch/survival modes.

Key Features

  • RTS-style base building
  • FPS-style skill-based shooting
  • Gravity-enabled 3D space combat
  • Competitive Multiplayer gamemodes
  • 4 weapon specialisations
  • Conquer planets and build multiple bases
  • A variety of beautiful space maps
  • Use experimental weapons like asteroids, solar flares and black holes

Take a look at the Barrage Steam Greenlight announcement trailer:

And, here is the Barrage cinematic trailer:

You can help support Barrage on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Official Website